Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sit for a spell...

Pie crust table and eclectic chair were scored using "Dirty Girl Magic" 
at an "extremely HUGE estate sale" in Rowley, Massachusetts

This Pie crust table is not looking very appetizing...

 At what point was it okay to put contact paper on a table like this?

Have you ever seen a chair like this? 
We would love to be enlightened if you have any info!

Gettin' down and dirty...

Whatever works...

Our dirty work is done... 

Painted in gray with a hint of lavender, 
once distressed, the detail in this chair really pops!

Adding white accents and some natural elements gives a calming feel.

 Time to relax!

Want to own a Dirty Girl original?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dump Chic Dining Room Decor

What do you get when you combine an old crib spring... 
an old shutter... rusty old farm tools... miscellaneous dump finds... 
and flowers from the yard????

Dump Chic Dining Room Decor!!!!!

Layering some of your favorite miscellaneous pieces gives 
a blank wall dimension while displaying them in a unique way!

So many textures, yet they all work so well together!

  The farm tools really make a point...

The jump rope (not a dump find) really ties it all together...

No, we haven't lost our marbles...

Weighing in as a finishing touch the 
Queen Anne's Lace gives it an organic feel...

Each piece contributes to the end result of this work of art.



See more pictures of this room redo... coming soon!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dirty Girls are born!

Two years ago one of my sons was involved in a summer reading program at his school. For the few weeks that this took place I couldn't help but notice another mother who looked much like me...always covered in paint. I really wanted to ask her what she had been working on but I only saw her in passing and felt too embarrassed to ask. Our children were in the same grade and same class that year so I saw her more frequently but still never spoke to her more than a "Hi."  

Then one day while sitting in a diner in our small town I noticed an advertisement for a "Rustique... The Rehab Boutique, Cottage Style Furniture" It sounded like something I would like. I checked for the hours giggling at Monday, "Monday by chance," I still don't know why I thought it was funny but I did and it got me interested even more. This being a Tuesday however, I knew they would be open.  So I took a ride to the shop and to my surprise who was standing behind the counter? The other mom covered in paint!  "Is this your shop?" I exclaimed in excitement. Sure enough it was!  

We began to talk and quickly discovered all that we had in common.  One might think we instantly became the "Dirty Girls" but it would be months before the "Dirty Girls" were born.

Due to us both being in terrible relationships our friendship grew slowly over the fall and winter. Then one spring day we discovered our bond would out last our horrible boyfriends.

After an amazing, fun, and adventurous trip to the dump we unloaded my unnecessarily large vehicle and were covered in rust, dirt, oil, sweat, and who knows what else, I looked at us and I said "Look at us! We are so dirty" Slight pause, "We are DIRTY GIRLS!" And thus the Dirty Girls were born.

 These are some not so dirty dump finds...

Isn't it amazing what people will throw away?

Caroline found these little binocular salt and pepper shakers...

They sit on a shelf in her room as a unique decoration...

The planter we found, I turned upside, it hangs from the original light fixture on my porch...

We added mason jars with hooks to the end of the chains and put tea alights inside for some ambiance at night!

A very shabby chandy...  I love it!

So these are some of the things we do with the "junk" we find!